August 10, 2013: Writing and Reading and Loving Books…

Hi Internet Reader/Procrastinator/Accidental Visitor!

I’m glad you came on by. It’s been a busy year for me: moving, adding to the family, cleaning up cat vomit. Cleaning up LOTS of cat vomit. (They really should’ve come with a little tag on their rears warning us there would be so much vomiting!)

I hope you’re having a great year, and if you need to read something great while awaiting my next great read, I’ve got some recommendations based on what we’ve been reading around here:

What my six-year-old recommends (“It’s even better than Curious George! The books, that is, not the TV show.”):

What my 10-month-old recommends (“Waa! Waa!” –What he said when I took it away from him today when I changed his diaper.):

What I’m reading and reading and reading (Six weeks and two renewals later, the library is going to confiscate it from me soon–it’s a great book, but there are only so many hours in the day.):

I hope you’re reading something great and amazing right. Trust me, I’m writing some great and amazing stuff. At least, that’s what the 10-month-old tells me. ;o)